Friday, August 29, 2008

Megalia -- 08/29/08

Megalia is a 19 yo bay Standardbred mare, sister to Classy and Tabby, daughter of Dolly. With Meg I'm also making the assumption that she was on the track before becoming a broodmare. When Meg first got here she wanted nothing to do with us humans. She didn't want to be caught and always hid behind Classy. Within a week she settled in and realized where the food came from. Now she's one of the sweetest horses out there and is always one of the first to come up to you for a head rub or a wither scratch. I love this mare. Just her personality is enough to win me over. Her roached back and hardened tendons don't bother me as long as they don't bother her.

I have a feeling I could probably just throw a saddle on Meg and go for a nice trail ride. She's supposedly not saddle broke, but I don't think that matters to her. This horse is all about pleasing you. Whatever you want this mare would probably do it just to please you.

Tonight's groundwork was more of an evaluation than anything. When Meg came here both front tendons were puffy and starting to harden. Now that the heat and swelling are gone I wanted to see if she'd be sound. Sure enough! Don't get me wrong, she'll never be a hunter/jumper or barrel horse. But she will make someone a really nice trail horse!

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swap said...

All the horses that came together (Megalia, momma Doll, Baby and Classy) had been ridden before we got them at SWAP, its actually in their paperwork that they had had someone on their back, the original owner told us that that girls that worked for them all jumped on them from time to time. I'm sure none of them had ever been on a trail ride though. All came to us in March 08 in terrible shape and you got them from us the beginning of May, so we only had them less than 2 months, Classy, all but baby had been ridden with us as well, not Trina but our other riders (Julie, Jen, Jenai, etc)