Monday, October 13, 2008

Meghan -- 10/13/08

This isn't exactly a training post for Meghan. The family interested in adopting Meghan and her foal came out to meet her tonight. Meghan is going to be E's horse, but M immediately started braiding that beautiful mane. This wasn't posed, E just felt like laying down and hugging Meghan. I think it's love.

Meghan stood still for all the attention being lavished on her and never made an impatient move. Meghan will stay here until the foal is born, then when both are ready they'll go to live with E and M. The foal will be M's 4-H project. Meghan deserves to have two girls doting on her and we're so happy that she's got a good home to look forward to!

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swap said...

Jeanie, did you get Meghan palpated from a vet? I talked to the barn manager and she said there was a one month window where Meghan was with Chief, it was when we were weaning her baby off her and then Chief was separated in December and put into a stall, so I would think if she is in foal, which it looks like she is, she should be foaling either October or November, at the latest early December.