Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Genesis – 06/29/09

Since the last post, Genisis has pretty much been on an eating-themed vacation.  She likes to eat with her muzzle right up to Joma or Joe.  Even Keisha tolerates her, and Keisha hates everyone.  Genisis is looking good and life on the farm is agreeing with her.

I mess with her in the field, but there is no need to teach her how to be petted, fed treats and generally loved up.  She halters well, she leads well, she handles well.  She allows me to grab her mane and jump up and down like I might mount.  She lets me work with her tail, play with her mouth, clean between her teats; all the while, she casts her dreamy look at me.  She doesn't care about the weedeater, the truck, the tractor, the gun.  Nothing seems to faze her. 

She has skipped an entire grade or two, here! I will have to start lunging her to see how she does.  After that I just have to saddle her up and teach her to pony, but I will bet that will be a cinch as well.  I have talked to my nephew to bring out his two tiny little cowboys soon for her. 

-- Anastasia

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