Friday, May 21, 2010

Thunder – 5/21/10

When Thunder arrived here he was scrawny, covered in hardened mud, and recently castrated.  He was hot wired from being confined to a stall for a few weeks, but was supposed to be a well-broke trail horse.  I don’t know about the “well” part of being broke, but he’s definitely been ridden before.

He was laid back to the point of being lazy.  It took some pretty good whacks on the butt with the longe whip to get him to move.  Once he got going, he did much better and just moved off Maggie’s leg. 


He also acted like he couldn’t figure out the bitless bridle.  The power steering was certainly not working today, but with a little more work he should progress quickly.

Maggie said his trot was wonderfully smooth and I could tell it was very easy to sit.  I can’t wait to get on him later next month and see what he knows!

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