Friday, June 4, 2010

Maverick – 06/04/10

Are you tired of reading how amazing this pony is?  If so, you may want to go to another website now. 

Today was Maverick’s second ride, and his first ride with a bit and saddle.  The bit was a rubber-coated full-cheek snaffle and the saddle was a leather 15” seat western.  The girl, Renee, who rode him had brought her own saddle and breast collar, and even though the breast collar was too large, we put it on him anyway.  Might as well get him used to something like that… not that he even noticed it.

Mav took a few minutes to chew on the bit and wonder what it was in his mouth, then he got over it.  He learned to steer within minutes and WHOA was not a problem.

Renee said he moved away from her leg like he should, but sometimes getting him going took some mild kicking or some encouragement from me.  He acted like he’d been ridden 20 times before.  At one point, Renee looked over at me and said “I wonder if he backs”.  She was joking, but she tried it anyway…

It wasn’t just a fluke.  He backed for her three or four times.  Just a couple of steps, but still better than half the horses on this place that came to me already “trained”!

When we were done, Renee decided to get a little funky and see if anything could get Mav riled up.  He’s going to be a kid’s pony, and kids do some silly stuff sometimes, so it’s best that he’s prepared for that.

Is it just me, or does he look bored?  She did a 360 on the saddle and he never moved a muscle.  She slid off the right side, then remounted on the right side.  She leaned forward and rubbed her legs all over his sides and stomach.  He never moved. 

We ended with that, after only about 15 minutes of saddle time.  Renee is coming out again, and I think this time we’ll go for a short “trail ride” just over into the neighbor’s pasture.  I can’t wait!!!


*M said...

Awesomest is part of the Maggie dictionary. :D

Janis Bland said...

Yay Mav! What a great guy.

Sylvia said...

he is such a doll! way to go, mav!